Compare other business or commercial real estate exchanges and you'll quickly find that offers far more value and a better user experince than the others. Our free, Registered User features far exceed those of most subscription-based sites alone! Advertise free of charge on BizClaz with up to 10 advertisements published simutaneously. For those requiring more ad capacity we offer a Subscription package that is affordable and easily managed. Subscription

Choose a subscription payment plan that best fits your business model.

  • Monthly Pay (Automated, cancel anytime)  $15.95

  • Annual Pay  $179.95

Enterprise Group Feature

Subscribers may have Members within their subscription account. Members
may be employees, satellite offices or other affiliated partners.  While
Members enjoy the same features and tools as Subscribers, Member
accounts are owned and managed by the Subscriber (account owner). Our 
Enterprise Group feature allows Subscribers to manage and monitor
Member's advertising activity and affords a generous discount for multiple
users; a considerable savings over single-user subscriptions.
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All Enterprise Group Pricing is Monthly Pay (Automated, cancel anytime)

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