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Growing & Profitable Window Cleaning Company

The Company is a profitable and growing window cleaning company operating in West Michigan. The Company serves both residential and commercial markets (including buildings of any height). Additionally, the Company offers its customers pressure washing and gutter cleaning services. Unlike many other window cleaning companies, this Company relies heavily on nose-to-glass cleaning (cleaners working right up next to the glass), as opposed to water-fed pole systems.

N/A United States Michigan Grand Rapids N/A Oct 23, 2017, 10:15 pm
Long-Standing Precision Tooling Company

1) Founded in 1948, this ISO-certified business produces specialty tooling solutions for its customers across the United States.
2) The business has excelled in 2017, generating $402,707 in revenue and $99,777 in ODE through May. The business currently has a backlog of over $200,000, all of which is due in 2017.
3) The business holds a strong position within its unique market segment. The operators have built deep industry knowledge that has propelled the company’s success.
4) The business operates out of a 5,500-square foot facility and manufactures specialty tooling products.
5) The owners have reached advanced age are seeking to sell the business to a hands-on buyer who can continue the business’s quality craftsmanship. Necessary assistance will be provided to ensure a smooth transition of ownership.

N/A United States Michigan Grand Rapids $200,000 Oct 23, 2017, 10:14 pm
Utility Fabrication & Maintenance Company

Despite its humble beginning in 1980 as a simple welding repair business in Western Michigan, this Company has grown and evolved over the past three plus decades into a thriving Company that specializes in a specific type of work. Very few can match this Company’s expertise, reputation and safety record. Direct competition is virtually nonexistent. The result is consistent revenue levels and strong cash flows year after year.
Regardless of their background in the skilled trades or welding, any competent and well-capitalized individual or group is considered a candidate to successfully own and operate this Company. Technical knowledge is well dispersed across the team and the owner is open to staying on as a technical advisor until the new owner feels comfortable operating the business on his/her own.

N/A United States Michigan Grand Rapids N/A Oct 23, 2017, 10:12 pm
Fast-Growing West Michigan Grocery Delivering

This fast-growing Company provides a subscription-based grocery delivery service.
The Company specializes in a niche market providing a variety of goods ranging from vegetables to meats to bread.
The business operates out of a leased 3,700 sq. ft. facility located in West Michigan.
The founder and owner has enjoyed growing the Company, but has other opportunities to pursue and is seeking to transition out of the Company. He is looking forward to finding a new owner to continue the success of the Company and is willing to assist a new owner through a reasonable transition period.

N/A United States Michigan Grand Rapids N/A Oct 23, 2017, 10:09 pm
Southwest Michigan Blueberry Farms For Sale

The Farms for sale consist of two separate property parcels located in Allegan County, MI. Description as follows:

Allegan Blueberry Farm “A” Description
Asking Price: $1,155,000.00

50 acres of 5 cultivars of blueberries. This acreage includes planted acreage only, no roadways or ditching for drainage. Plant spacing used 32”x 10’ and 24”x 10’.
Cultivars planted:
Duke – Early
Draper – Late- Mid Season
Legacy – Mid Late Season
Arlen – Mid Late Season
Elliott – Late Season
Aurora – Later Season

One +-1,200 sqft house with a basement, well and septic on 2.0 acres +-.
Two equipment storage buildings +-1,200 sqft/each.
26 acres which include roadways within the blueberry planting and forest. 9 acres of the 26 acres of forest could be cleared for planting in the future.

Cultivar Selection: Chosen for the grower requiring a 12 week season of fruits to supply markets. Cultivar selection was chosen for the grower requiring fruits conducive for mechanical and or hand harvesting for the fresh market and CA storage of post harvested fruit for off season marketing obtaining higher prices.

Method of Planting: Plants are planted on raised beds 6 inches (15 cm) high and 28 inches (70 cm) wide. Landscape Fabric 3.2 ounce (6 to 10-year life) covers the raised bed. Netafim Ram drip irrigation tubing is used for irrigation and fertigation. The spacing of emitters is 18 inches with 0.42 gpH of water emitted from each emitter. This type of irrigation has provided adequate moisture for plant growth while conserving water.

Water Source: Two deep wells are used to irrigate the acreage. Pumps are powered by 5 hp. electric motors and are considered submersible pumping system. Wells are 5-inch casing and installed in summer 2009. One fertilizer injector for fertilizing the plants through the drip irrigation. One acid injector is used to inject acid during each irrigation. One control timer to control automatic valves for irrigation.

Acreage, Plant Quantity & Plant

N/A United States Michigan Grand Rapids $1,643,000 Oct 23, 2017, 10:06 pm
Well-Established Industrial Spray Painting Compan

his well-established industrial spray painting company was founded over 4 decades ago.
The Company provides industrial spray painting services to a diverse set of industry-leading customers.
The Company operates out of an owned 22,500 sq. ft. facility that is optimized for efficient and safe production located on 2+ acres.
The founder and owner has enjoyed growing the Company, but is seeking to transition into retirement. The founder is willing to assist a new owner through a reasonable transition period.

N/A United States Michigan Grand Rapids $250,000 Oct 23, 2017, 10:04 pm
Growing Manufacturer of Patented Energy & Security

With roots dating back to 1979, this Midwestern Company – a leading innovator in window systems – designs, manufactures, and (occasionally) installs proprietary energy efficient systems that protect against blasts, hurricanes, data hackers, and sound pollution, all while preserving the historical appearance of any building. The Company’s remarkable growth and profitability are attributable to the compelling value proposition and unique product it is able to offer its customers.

The Company is a GSA-certified federal government contractor with notable projects across the United States and primarily focused on the East Coast. The Company would make a particularly attractive addition to a Native Enterprise certified under SBA Section 8(a) and seeking to utilize the Company’s unique and profitable service/product offering in federal contracting projects nationwide.

The Board of Directors has decided to pursue a sale of the business due to the advancing age of many of the shareholders combined with strong forecasted growth in sales and profits.

N/A United States Michigan Grand Rapids $10,000,000 Oct 23, 2017, 10:02 pm
Strategic Aircraft Tooling Company

This family-owned overhaul and maintenance tooling Company has been serving the aircraft industry for over 40 years.
The Company offers a wide array of manufacturing capabilities to industry-leading customers.
The Company operates within niche segment and holds a competitive position with much potential for expansion.
The owners have advanced in age and are seeking to transition into the Company to new ownership. They are willing to provide training and assistance to a new owner through a reasonable transition period.
The real estate/facilities are available for sale or lease.

N/A United States Michigan Grand Rapids $350,000 Oct 23, 2017, 10:00 pm
International Exporting Company Seeks Equity Partn

Niche Distribution & Export Management Company Seeks Equity Partner
Established over 20 years ago, the Company is a niche distribution and export management company specializing in the sales and marketing of primarily US and some European-manufactured automotive and industrial equipment and supplies to a specific geographic area of the world. Markets served include a range of buyers of premium automotive and truck oils and additives, garage equipment, tools for electrical contractors, test instruments and much more.

The ambitious owner is in his 50s and is seeking an equity partner (majority or minority) to become actively involved in the daily operations and strategic direction of the company and to assist him in launching a series of high-potential growth initiatives. Over 5-7 years, the present 100% owner would like to transition the business fully to this partner. The owner believes that the best fit for the business would be an individual with operational and financial savvy that is seeking to transition from their present career into ownership over a period of time. It is not critical that this individual live in close proximity to the Company headquarters as most of the day-to-day business is conducted via email or Skype. The owner is seeking a partner to buy in at 25-49%, however remains open to a majority buyout.

We are asking $20,000 for every 1% of equity.

N/A United States Michigan Grand Rapids N/A Oct 23, 2017, 9:58 pm
Profitable & Growing Landscape Company

Revenue has increased substantially over the past 2 fiscal years.

Established in Southwest Michigan over 40 years ago, this Company is a landscape design, installation and maintenance business primarily serving high-end residential clients. Despite rarely working on projects outside of a 30-mile radius of its facilities (Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana), the Company is profitable and growing at a brisk pace with far more demand for its services than it can meet. Additionally, there are numerous strategies that a new owner of the Company could implement to drive further expansion and increase cash flow. While approximately 20 percent of the Company’s revenues are derived from maintenance work typical of many landscaping companies, its primary business and most of its profits are derived from designing and creating outdoor spaces.

After 40+ years in the business, the owners are pursuing a sale in order to transition into retirement. The owners are happy to assist in a reasonable transition period.

The Company operates on approximately 2.5 acres which includes parking, a nursery and holding yard. This real estate is available for sale or lease.

N/A United States Michigan Grand Rapids N/A Oct 23, 2017, 9:56 pm
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