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Portable Welding

This portable welding business was established in 1979 and the clientele has been primarily throughout Orlando and Orange County. I have maintained solid and consistent relationships with various quality customers over this time frame. For the most part, my line of customers has been predominantly commercial accounts with some residential properties as well.

Over the last 40 years, my welding profession has mainly focused on repairs and light fabrication. Most of my procedures have included arc welding, heli-arc (tig) and mig welding. The materials I have been skilled in using include steel, stainless steel and aluminum. I have performed repairs on everything including trash dumpsters to Lamborghinis and everything in between.

This business is currently grossing approximately $80-90k per year. However, for the year of 2016, my gross income was $97,250. These monies were generated on six hour work days. Please note, I have been turning down work to physical limitations.

I am putting my business up for sale because I am retiring. Although, I am willing to stay on for a short period of time, (to be agreed upon) to introduce the new business owner to my current customers, and work procedures. I will also be available for a period of time to answer any questions related to the business.

N/A United States Florida Orlando $75,000 May 3, 2017, 12:09 am
Seafood Processor

This 18 year business is for the buyer who seeks the highest quality acquisition. A flawless business like this is extremely rare. A flawless, branded food preparation business becomes available on the open market about 4 times a year nationwide. Owner retiring. Year upon year stable repeat sales. Diversified customer base.

It produces a premium brand of packaged, ready to eat seafood. Premium brand asked for by name. All sales are wholesale B2B. All aspects of the business reflect pride of ownership and meticulous attention to detail. Exclusive recipe and cooking process refined by the owner over 40 years. Impressive spotless facility. High automation reduces labor costs. Newer equipment. Only 7 employees. Automated process controls maintains consistency. Compact, efficient approximately 2,500 square feet office / production facility with rent of $3,500 / month.

Tremendous growth opportunities for new owner remaining resulting from retiring owner who minimized marketing and sales efforts for years because of income satisfaction. In spite of minimum marketing efforts, revenues remain remarkably stable because of loyal customer brand preference.

SBA Acquisition loan may be available to qualified buyer with $750,000 cash down payment. Email for required Confidentiality Agreement.

We have prepared a detailed Business Summary including Business Address, Business History, Reason for Selling, Industry Trends, Financing Options and Financial Statements. It should answer 90% of your questions about this business. It will be emailed to you in PDF format upon receipt of a Signed Confidentiality Agreement and related forms.

The Seller has requested strict confidentiality. Please initiate first contact regarding this business via contact here at BizClaz. A Confidentiality Agreement will be returned. Telephone contact prior to Confidentiality Agreement execution will not be mutually productive because very little information will be provided.

N/A United States Florida Orlando $2,490,000 May 3, 2017, 12:03 am
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