Safe Transaction Tips

The following are a few tips to aid in a safe and pleasant transaction. By no means is this complete or comprehensive; proper care and due diligence ultimately rests on both buyers and sellers in any transaction. In transactions involving significant risk of loss we always encourage the engagement of competant advice and counsel. 

  1. An old but very true cliché; if it seams too good to be true it generally is. Trust your gut.
  2. Search the forum for any derrogatory remarks regarding the party your working with.
  3. Most scams and fraud involve transactions that aren't local and where the buyer and seller never meet; always try to deal local and in person.
  4. Under NO circumstances ever give out ANY personal or financial information until you ABSOLUTELY verify the seller's authenticity.
  5. If a seller directs you to a third-party payment portal (i.e. eBay or Amazon) always look for the following: a) Make sure the website address starts with "https://" to indicate it's a secure site with a security certificate, b) look at the security certificate to make sure its valid and up to date (most browsers display a security logo) and c) click random links on the page to make sure they direct to other pages- and don't redirect back to the same page or are inoperable. Any one or more missing components may indicate a phishing scheme.
  6. Always check names and online references.
  7. Use LOCAL escrow services when possible, especially when the risk of loss is significant. AVOID using online escrow services.
  8. Do not wire money without first seeing the merchandise and meeting with the seller in person.
  9. Never agree to accept funds being wired into your account without first meeting with buyer.
  10. Avoid dealing with someone using poor spelling and grammar; be weary of foreign dialects, particularly when they are unable to meet in person.
  11. Research name with your local Better Business Bureau.
  12. Confirm a physical business address; look the address up on Google Maps or Google Earth to make sure it's a real location.
  13. Be very cautious when accepting business checks, cashier checks and money orders. Call financial institution to confirm funds are available or checks are authentic.

Proper Forum Etiquette

The BizClaz forum is used for public communication of different topics between users. This can be a powerful tool when used correctly. The following are tips while using the forum for research, to ask questions, discuss ideas and share experiences between users. There is a right way to use the forum as well as a wrong. This forum is user-moderated; does not monitor, manage, edit or delete entries unless made aware of such entries and they specifically violate our terms of sevice.

  1. When possible, always search the forum for user's name before transacting business with them.
  2. Always share positive experiences; there isn't enough kindness in the world and it just feels good to do something when it's not expected.
  3. When sharing a poor experience with another user always be short, concise and accurate with the facts of your experience.
  4. Never, ever use inappropriate language.
  5. Check spelling and grammar. Credibility is usually jeopardized with poor grammar and misspellings.

If you believe a user may be committing or perpetuating fraud we want to know. Please understand that we take this very seriously and we will research and work with the authorities to the fullest extent possible for justice.
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