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Work from Home - Proven System

Small Business Advising

Salt Lake City, Utah

Start your own ONLINE Executive Consultancy. We have the templates, tools and ways along with a proven STS Business Equity sytem to get you up and running so you start make money in a few weeks. You might already be doing a little consulting on the side, now, but really want to do it because of the flexibility and freedom. And get away from that more than full-time job. Becoming an Ambassador of ...

Attract New HOT Leads Without Having to Do a Thing!

Imagine if you could have a Automated Client Acquisition System in place that does all the "heavy lifting" so you can work on scaling the business while attracting new 'hot' leads on autopilot? What would that do for your business?

I design Client Acquisition Strategies for businesses that turns leads into CUSTOMERS!...

Brand Assessment

How effectively are you telling your story?

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Examine your Brand in order to more effectively communicate relevant value to your customers.

Marketing Research

How to Know More Perfectly

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Let's be honest. Lot's of business decisions are made entirely on hunches and guesses. You can do better.

You can understand your current situation better. You can know what your customers really think and what they really care about. You can find that "open space" in your market where you can succeed without the endless cycle of trial and error.

WIELAND MRKTNG can help you know more perfectly.

Marketing Strategy

How to Get Further. Faster.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

You’ve been on this journey for awhile now. You’ve overcome a million stumbles and barriers. Way to go!

Now you’re staring down a dozen paths and every day more ideas pop up promising growth. “Social media!” “Influencer networks!” “Voice of the customer!” “Design thinking!” “Experience events!” And the hardest part? All the voices make sense. All pave a pa...

Who do you call when you need an appraisal of used business equipment and furnishings? Someone that's been in the industry for 25 years! Whether buying, selling or determining loan value it pays to know market value. Contact us for rates and availability.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

We offer restaurant consulting with a results-driven fee structure! Over 25 years experience

Turn-Key Business Advising Consultancy

Maximizing Business Value for Building Equity

San Francisco, California

No travel or driving. Small and mid-size clients. Everything we do is online. Must have your own computer/smartphone and internet connection.
We provide
Lead Systems
Leads when you are ready
Marketing Support
Proven Equity System Approach
Business Value Templates
Access to: E-Library, 14 Immutable Laws of Business Value (selling world-wide), mi...

Business Closure Consulting

Business Closure Consulting

Indianapolis, Indiana

Going out of business, or closing a business due to health concerns can be an emotionally draining experience, not to mention the financial burden and humiliation that often accompanies a closure.

Dealing with employees, suppliers and the tax man can be harrowing to say the least. In 2009 my wife and I lost our business of 18 years and the lessons we learned were immeasurable. So mu...

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